Ariel released his first CD when he was just 14

TEENAGE Israeli pianist Ariel Lanyi has been hitting the right notes since making his orchestral debut at the age of seven.

The 16-year-old said: "Having a busy lifestyle while juggling school at a young age is definitely challenging, but not discouraging.

"Travelling around Europe and America to perform has been incredible, but I do not enjoy the competitive scene.

"I perform for joy and for the audience, not to be a child prodigy. I try to find the beauty in the piece I am performing for the audience."

Jerusalem-born-and-raised, Ariel explained that music has been a part of him since the age of four, despite his parents not being musical at all.

He said: "I became immersed in music after hearing Beethoven and other composers at home, and started practising the violin and piano.

"Beethoven's pieces have a structure of beauty and different richness to the harmonies.

"I wanted to continue my passion for music after listening to it growing up".

Ariel was featured at the age of 10 on the ITV programme Superhuman: Genius.

"Being filmed at 10 was unusual for me as I wasn't used to all the cameras, but I enjoyed the experience as it captured me performing and playing," he said.

"During filming, I wanted to dissociate myself from the child prodigy label as I knew I was capable of so much more."

At 14, he released his debut classical CD, Romantic Profiles, comprising of pieces from German composers Robert Schumann, Johann Sebastian Bach, Johannes Brahms and Czech composer Leoš Janácek.

He said: "It was unusual to release a CD with that type of programme.

"I would definitely do things differently now, but I have learned a lot about the structure of an album."

Ariel currently studies violin, chamber music and composition at the Jerusalem Academy of Music High School and Conservatory.

This year, he has performed at various music festivals in Europe, including the Young Prague Festival, the Schleswig-Holstein Festival in Germany and a solo recital that was broadcast by Radio France.

Ariel will be performing his debut UK recital at Saint James's Piccadilly, London, on October 30.

"I have never been to London so I am really looking forward to seeing the city and performing there," he said.

"The city seems very vibrant and musical. I hope to reach out to the audience and experience London myself."

He continued: "Being on stage is a great joy. I love to convey the colours and sound of each piece to the audience.

"I usually perform three pieces on stage, taking into account which period the music was written, a romantic piece and to make sure there is a contrast between each piece."

The talented musician is a fan of video sharing website YouTube.

He said: "YouTube is the number one means of reaching art to people worldwide.

"I release my content on there, and it is a great way to contact people and promote videos."

He would also like classical music to be accepted by youngsters.

"Classical music in Israel isn't the most popular, especially among the younger generation," he added.

"It would be wonderful if classical music could reach a younger audience around the world."

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