Motley Crew heads to Liverpool


ISGAV DOTAN has always enjoyed an eclectic taste in music. So it is quite apt that his band Lucille Crew plays a range of different genres - including funk, soul, blues and hip-hop.

Israeli Isgav founded the band in 2010 with American-born MC Rebel Sun (Joel Covington), bassist Roey Paradny and singer Ester Rada.

And since then, they have been joined by new lead singer Naama Chetrit, drummer Yossi Adi, saxophonist Ilan Adiri, trumpeter Barak Hener, keyboardist Naaman Shadmi and percussionist Ilan Levi.

And the collective will be appearing at Liverpool's Sound City festival next month.

Guitarist Isgav told the Jewish Telegraph: "The project really started in the studio.

"I wanted to gather some live musicians for a jam and they stuck around.

"I knew MC Rebel Sun, as in south Tel Aviv - where I live - the music scene is very small and everyone knows everyone."

Their first EP, Lucille Smokin Soul, was released in 2011 and was recorded and mixed by Yoram Vazan, who has worked with world famous rappers Wu Tang Clan and Mos Def.

And their new album, Just When You Thought It Was All Over, was released last month.

Isgav, who was born to Argentinian father Haim and Israeli mother Aliza, was raised in Rishon LeZion.

After his obligatory service in the Israel Defence Force, he moved to London for 'business opportunities', before returning to Israel.

"I am not from a musical family, but when I moved back, I started to design music for films, adverts and websites, which I still do now," 28-year-old Isgav said.

"I grew up listening to Muddy Waters, Bob Marley, Etta James, Otis Redding and the Wu Tang Clan.

"With the band, we can combine all these sounds, so every song is different and each one has its own appeal.

"Everyone can find something different in the songs."

Isgav was not raised in a religious home, but his two brothers are now Orthodox Jews.

He added: "Some of the guys in the band are more into Judaism and relate more to the traditions, but it is really not for me."

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