Singer gets vocal in backing Israel

AS lead singer of heavy metal groups Disturbed and Device, David Draiman is used to making a lot of noise.

But he is now raising his voice to tell people of his love for Israel.

In an article on the Gatestone Institute's website, the 41-year-old claims: "There is no distinction between anti-Zionists and antisemites. They are chanting, 'Death to the Jews'. They are not singling out the Israeli army or government, so let's just have you take your masks off, shall we?"

He added: "I have just returned from my brother's wedding in Jerusalem. The were lucky enough to have the wedding take place during another short-lived ceasefire, which was, of course, purposefully and intentionally broken by Hamas, again, just as I was leaving the country.

"Seeing my family - my brother, Ben, and his new family, my grandmother (a blind woman, well into her late 80s who had herself served in the Israeli army), my many cousins and the several hundred others that still live there - under constant threat of rocket attack, I could hear the voice of my grandfather (also a highly decorated Israeli commando, as was my father), calling to me from beyond the grave.

"As I returned home, and once again fell into the arms of my wife and kissed the face of my infant son, I looked into his eyes and thought, 'How could I explain to him, when he is older and is able to understand, that when our family, our people, were in jeopardy, that I did not do all I could, in my own small way, to try and shed some light on the truth in the defence of our people?'

"I can't. I won't. I owe it to him, to them, to the future of my people at least to try."

Draiman, who spent a year at an Israeli yeshiva, added: "With every report of another death, Israeli or Palestinian, my very heart bleeds, for as I have stated before, there are no two people on the face of this planet with closer blood lineage than the Arabs and the Jews, both descendants of Abraham; and the very fact that we are still killing one another, is both ludicrous and tragic beyond words.

"I still believe in my heart that there is always hope - that one day there can be a lasting peace, a peace we so longingly refer to in Israel's national anthem, Hatikva (The Hope), but that hope continues to be marred by the constant false 'truths' and heavy accusations weighed out by the mainstream media . . . and certainly by the continual condemnations of the sham of an organisation known as the United Nations."

Draiman also debunks the myths that Israel was founded on stolen land; Hamas wants a two-state solution; Israel intentionally targets civilians; Israel is an apartheid state; Hamas is a 'humanitarian organisation'.

"I beg each and every one of you to open your minds, hearts, and listen to reason for once, instead of allowing yourselves to be brainwashed by a propaganda machine that has only one goal: to keep you living in fear, to horrify you, and to profit from it.

"I have lost too many friends and loved ones to these inhuman monsters already, and cannot tolerate another, single, one. A friend of mine was widowed when her husband was killed in a bus bombing in the second Intifada, and she lost her leg from the 'harmless rocket fire' that started the last Gaza/Israeli conflict. She now has to care for her two children as a cripple.

"Before the stage is set for a new Holocaust, I implore each and every one of you, Jew and non-Jew, to make your voices heard, and do what you can to spread this, and your own personal messages of truth."

Last week, Draiman told TeamRock website that the media's "biased, libellous and often erroneous portrayal of Israel in the current conflict has fuelled a wave of antisemitism, the likes of which I have not witnessed in my lifetime.

"Well done, CNN, BBC, Reuters, MSNBC - you've set the stage for a new Holocaust.

"Maybe you'd be satisfied when the extremist nutbags you defend so much strip the region of the only bastion of true liberty that exists in the region."

On their 2010 album Asylum, Disturbed included the song Never Again about the Holocaust.

Draiman has also been vocal on Twitter since the present conflict began, leading him to receive many antisemitic tweets.

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