TV shows move out of Israel

TWO Israel-filmed television programmes - Dig and Tyrant - have fallen victims to the Gaza conflict.

Dig, which stars Liverpool-born actor Jason Isaacs, has moved production from Jerusalem to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Isaacs and Anne Heche play FBI agents investigating the murder of a young archaeologist in Jerusalem in the latest work of Homeland and Prisoners of War creator Gideon Raff.

The pilot was filmed throughout Israel, but the remaining five episodes will be made in America.

Isaacs described the experience of driving to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv as "driving back through a rip in the fabric of time".

He added: "It's not just that it's gorgeous. It's that every civilisation that there's been - for thousands of years, every empire - has always wanted this tiny, tiny piece of land, this square mile.

"And when you're shooting, as we did often, night shots and the sun comes up and starts glistening off the Dome of the Rock and you're running on the rooftops or you're emerging from a tunnel or a cave underneath it, and you can feel the combined history of these millions of people over the years."

A statement from executives read: "Our experience filming in Israel was very positive and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to capture such an authentic landscape that will be threaded throughout the series."

And Raff's other new series, Tyrant, has also moved production from Tel Aviv to Istanbul.

Jerusalemite Raff said last week: "Our hearts go out to everybody in Israel and in Gaza over what's happening right now. And, hopefully, it will be resolved very soon. That's what I can say about that."

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