A disgrace to attack rabbi who converted Ivanka Trump

THE one thing we're not supposed to do in Judaism is make a convert feel like they are a convert. A convert to Judaism is as Jewish as Abraham and Sarah.

Which is why the recent controversy over the conversions of Rabbi Haskel Lookstein of New York, inspired by their rejection by an Israeli rabbinical court, is a disgrace.

Ivanka Trump's conversion, performed by Rabbi Lookstein, is not being contested.

But in assailing Rabbi Lookstein's Orthodox credentials, the misguided Israeli court could inadvertently undermine the Jewishness of Ivanka Trump - something that is an affront to Jewish decency and righteousness.

Last week, America debated whether a tweet by Donald Trump was antisemitic and whether the Republican candidate for the presidency is himself so.

My problem with Trump has nothing to do with his relationship with the Jews.

I think Trump is extremely proud of his Jewish daughter and grandchildren and will no doubt be a strong friend of Israel. The controversy over the tweet is ridiculous and farcical.

Rather, my problem with Trump has to do with Jewish values and my public plea to him to start running a campaign rooted in the universal tenets of the Hebrew Bible which constitute the cornerstone of Western civilisation.

The holiest day of the Jewish calendar is Yom Kippur, the central tenet of which is telling God we're sorry.

Trump could have put this whole stupid tweet controversy behind him had he simply apologised to anyone who was offended . . . and moved on.

Why is it such a big deal to apologise? Is it so difficult for you to say you made a mistake?

The Bible commands us to embrace and respect the stranger. Reject, Mr Trump, the immoral - even if it is temporary - call for a ban on Muslim immigrants, which is a betrayal of both Jewish and American values.

And condemn the disgusting, vile, white supremacist Jew-hating cranks, all too many of whom support you.

Instead, praise moderate Muslims who love democracy, its freedoms, and the blessing of America, while pledging to eviscerate the terrorists who would harm us.

And while we're at it, Trump, speak of the incredible contribution Latino immigrants have made to America, even as you insist on enforceable borders and legal immigration.

But regardless, none of this has anything to do with Ivanka Trump and her conversion.

Haskel Lookstein built what is arguably the most successful Orthodox congregation in America - Kehillat Jeshurun.

And he built New York City's Ramaz school into an Orthodox Jewish day-school powerhouse.

Lookstein is a pioneer at making Orthodoxy accessible, compelling and relevant.

When Ivanka Trump chose to marry an Orthodox Jew, she could easily have said "take me as I am" (to quote a popular song) to her husband. Instead, she underwent the rigorous process of becoming an observant Jew, which she remains.

It's not easy being Orthodox. It's immensely rewarding, but it can be challenging.

You have to observe Shabbat and Jewish holidays. You have to go to the mikva and eat kosher. And you have to join a people who have often been vilified and hated.

Are we so low as to question Ivanka's Orthodox Jewish credentials? And if so, who is next?

When his daughter sought to convert, Trump might easily have said to her: "You're rich. You're famous. Get this 'becoming Jewish' idea out of your head."

But he supported his daughter's decision and now happily dotes on three Orthodox Jewish grandchildren.

Donald Trump is unfortunately not yet running a values-based campaign that Americans can be completely proud of.

But calling him a Jew-hater is defamatory, fraudulent and violates the Ninth Commandment: Thou shalt not bear false witness.

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