Hillary surrounded by anti-Israel advisers

IT'S already been established that one of Hillary Clinton's most trusted advisers, Sid Blumenthal, sent her anti-Israel articles, ideas and advice during her time as secretary of state.

But the stream of anti-Israel advice received by Clinton, who won a slim victory on Monday over firebrand Bernie Sanders in the Iowa caucus, was much more comprehensive.

In the entire forced dump of Clinton's emails, you will be hard-pressed to find a single one sympathetic towards the Jewish state from any of the people she relied on.

The negative, poisonous approach to Israel throughout this email expose shows the atmosphere that she had established around herself.

These emails seem to demonstrate that a huge segment of her close advisers and confidantes were attacking Israel, condemning Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and strategising how to force Israel to withdraw from Judea and Samaria at all costs.

This was occurring against the backdrop of Israel's Gaza withdrawal, which led to the takeover of Gaza by Hamas.

There is almost zero mention of the huge risks to Israel's security in withdrawing as Clinton and the Obama administration did everything they could to pressure Israel to capitulate to their demands.

Take a look at a sampling of the advice being sent to Clinton from her many advisers that we have now become privy to.

Sandy Berger was Clinton's foreign policy adviser during her 2008 presidential campaign.

In September, 2010, he sent her ideas on how to pressure Israel to make concessions for peace. Berger acknowledged "how fragile is Abbas' political position," and how "Palestinians are in disarray" and that "failure is a real possibility".

Berger was well aware of - and informed Hillary of - the very real possibility that Israel would be placing its national security at grave risk in a deal that would very likely fail and lead to a Hamas takeover.

But Berger felt the risks to Israeli lives were worth it. He advised the need to make Netanyahu feel "uneasy about incurring our displeasure . . ."

Berger emphasises the need "to convince the prime minister - through various forms of overt persuasion and implicit pressure - to make the necessary compromises" and talks of the "possibility to turn his position against him".

Astoundingly, Berger seems to accuse the Jews in America of racism towards Obama.

He writes: "At a political level, the past year has clearly demonstrated the degree to which the US has been hamstrung by its low ratings in Israel and among important segments of the domestic Jewish constituency . . ."

He then adds: "Domestically, he faces a reservoir of scepticism on this issue which reflects many factors, including inexcusable prejudice."

Anne Marie Slaughter was Clinton's director of policy planning from 2009-2011. She wrote to Clinton in September, 2010, and devised a scheme to encourage wealthy philanthropists to pledge millions to the Palestinians (which no doubt would have been embezzled by Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies as were other funds).

She wrote: "This may be a crazy idea. Suppose we launched a "Pledge for Palestine" campaign. Such a campaign among billionaires/multi-millionaires around the world would reflect a strong vote of confidence in the building of a Palestinian state . . ."

She adds: "There would also be a certain shaming effect re Israelis who would be building settlements in the face of a pledge for peace."

Clinton's response to this email: "I am very interested - pls flesh out. Thx."

Robert Russo, one of Clinton's aides and currently her campaign's "director of correspondence and briefings", sent an email in April, 2012, informing her of Netanyahu's father's death and advising her to give him a condolence call.

Included with Russo's email is an extremely biased article attacking both Netanyahu and his father, describing them as virulently racist warmongers and calling the elder Netanyahu "a behind-the-scenes adviser to his son, the most powerful person in Israel".

The article noted that "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeatedly denied that his father was a one-dimensional ideologue. He further emphasised that he himself was a different person from his father".

But then it goes on to say, without providing any proof, "Israelis seemed in the dark about the extent of paternal influence on their leader" and "to understand Bibi, you have to understand the father".

One might be forgiven for questioning Clinton's sympathy and sincerity when she later placed the call and gave Netanyahu her condolences.

Thomas Pickering, former US ambassador to Israel, wrote to Clinton on December 18, 2011, and suggested a secret plan to stir up major Palestinian protests in an attempt to force the Israeli government into peace negotiations.

His goal was to ignite protests that would engulf the West Bank, "just like Tahrir Square".

He adds that the Palestinian "leadership has shied away from this idea because they can't control it" and they are "afraid of being replaced".

Clandestinely stirring up potentially violent protests in an attempt to try and force Israel to go against its best interests? Advice like this was par for the course when it came to Clinton's advisers.

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