Capital offence for a TV quiz

WINNER: Lucas holds up his answer... Israel

THERE was a confusing moment on a TV quiz show in Argentina when a contestant called Lucas was asked: “Which country has Tel Aviv as its capital?”

Lucas answered “Israel”... but went on to clarify that it is disputed, “especially since the United States recently declared that Jerusalem is the capital”.

With a new car at stake as a prize, presenter Guido Kaczka — who is Jewish — didn’t quite know how to handle that.

So he called for a surprise commercial break, saying that the production team needed to consider the issue.

The show continued with a new question after a ruling that the Tel Aviv question was invalid.

Lucas went on to answer it correctly... and win the car.

Israel’s World Cup winner

ISRAEL really can’t do right for doing wrong. The Jewish state has announced that it will broadcast the World Cup to neighbouring Arab countries with Arab commentary . . . for free.

Until that announcement, Arab football fans were looking at having to fork out a small fortune to watch matches from the tournament in Russia on Qatar’s subscription channel beIN Sport.

The Israeli Broadcasting Authority has paid £5.6 million for the rights to broadcast the tournament.

But some sceptics are claiming that Israel will hide subliminal messages in the broadcasts on the free-to-air Makan channel.

Egyptian fans will be especially torn as their national team is in the finals for the first time in almost three decades.

Pigging out at shop

YOU would assume that all the products in a kosher supermarket are... kosher. But not so, apparently.

Supermarket chain Tiv Taam shocked Israeli TV viewers when it advertised that it was selling pork.

With more than 100,000 views of the advert online, it also featured the voice of Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, stating that Israel guarantees ''freedom of religion, education, culture and language'' for all.

It goes on: “Every one of us must be free to decide: how to live, what to eat, and when to buy products, including non-kosher meat, and even on the Sabbath.”

The Facebook page of Tiv Taam has since received an onslaught of outraged reactions from those seeing the commercial as an insult to Judaism.


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