Weight loss so hard at yomtov

A UN study has found that two-thirds of us in Britain are overweight. And Israel is close behind us.

The United Kingdom is third in the list of shame. People in only two countries out of 53 — Turkey and Malta — are fatter.

Israel is in sixth place.

Experts said both countries have such a weight problem in part because of the heavy influence of America... which has even worse obesity.

And campaigners warned that deaths from diabetes and heart disease could spiral without urgent action.

We must do more exercise and watch what we eat, they point out.

What, during the High Holy Day season when counting calories goes out of the window? Fat chance!

Players’ prayer didn’t help...

BEFORE Israel’s footballers faced Northern Ireland in Belfast on Tuesday – the second day of Rosh Hashana — six of the Israeli players went to a local synagogue. Commendable, of course. But, unfortunately, it didn’t help them very much.

Israel lost the match 3-0.

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