Guests give a taste of Israel

EXPERT GUIDES: Pre-army Israeli Shinshin volunteers visited the Glasgow JLGB Juniors group last week

GLASGOW JLGB Juniors had special visitors at their latest meeting.

London-based Shinshin volunteers Tal and May and Manchester-based Inbal joined them at Newton Mearns Synagogue.

For the first session, the pre-army Israelis led the group through a ‘Tour of Israel’ with special activities for four different areas — the north, Eilat, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

UJIA Scotland Youth Programmes manager Brittany Ritell said: “The participants really enjoyed the tour of Israel activities and our Israeli friends are hoping to come back again before the year is over.

“JLGB and UJIA are collaborating to find a time where we can give them as many sessions as possible between us.”

After a short canteen break, the activities resumed with a trivia game for Purim.

The most difficult questions they posed even stumped the leaders, with categories of Purim in Israel, The Purim Stories and Purim Mitzvot and Laws.

JLGB leader Daniel Cohen said: “The activities helped participants develop skills and educational knowledge, which is what JLGB is all about.

“The session was extra-special with our Israeli leaders and after the fun of tonight we’ve decided that we want to have more community members join us as guest leaders to share their skills.”

* Anyone with a special skill, like gardening, dentistry and dance, or an exciting career who wants to share it with the JLGB participants (ages seven-nine), should contact or visit the JLGB Glasgow Juniors Facebook page.

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