Berkoff photo exhibition shows decay of Gorbals

A PHOTOGRAPHIC exhibition on the Gorbals by actor Steven Berkoff opens in Glasgow this weekend.

Gorbals 1966 is showing at the Street Level Photoworks, Trongate, until September 16.

This never-before-seen body of work covers a period in the autumn of 1966, when Berkoff was an actor with The Citizens Theatre, which at that time was directed by Michael Blakemore.

On his days off, he would explore the city with his camera. He was fascinated by the appalling decay of the Gorbals, which was waiting for the iron ball of the demolition workers.

He was drawn to slums and decay “because these are the areas in which I was brought up”.

The exhibition was set up with help from Glaswegian Michael Mail.

Mr Mail said: “I met a friend of his who told me about these amazing photos and asked if I thought they could get shown somewhere.

“I had used Street Level for my Scottish Jews exhibition of photos by Judah Passow and contacted the gallery director, Malcolm Dickson. A meeting was set up and we went to see Steven.”

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