Streetwise educates on personal safety

DOING RESEARCH: The UJIA Ethiopian Bar Bat Mitzvah Twinning Club

MEMBERS of Streetwise ran sessions in Glasgow last week. Streetwise, a Maccabi GB and CST partnership, works nationally with Jewish schools and community organisations, enhancing the personal safety and development of young Jewish people to support their physical and emotional well being.

They ran a number of activities for P7-S6 students at the UJIA lunch club sessions in Calderwood Lodge and the Glasgow Jewish Youth Club.

Lunch club topics ranged from internet safety to getting ready for university. The youth club talked about discrimination and body image and P7 discussed the transition to secondary school and some of the social issues they may face.

UJIA Ethiopian Bar Bat Mitzvah Twinning Club members had a busy few days. Last Thursday’s session, held in the JCC, saw the group learn about life in Israel for Ethiopian Jews.

They researched a few famous Ethiopian Israelis who had made successful lives for themselves as MKs, athletes, singers, models and actors.

They created a Facebook page profile for the person they researched and then presented it to the group. They also watched clips of Mekonen’s story from the film Beneath the Helmet, to talk about the army experience from the standpoint of an Ethiopian Israeli.

On Sunday, club members and their families took part in a bag-packing session at the Morrisons Newlands store, to raise funds for their Ethiopian twins.

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