Labour MSP in Israel attack

A LABOUR MSP has accused the Israeli government of committing war crimes and "gross human rights violations".

Lothian representative Neil Findlay made the comments during a debate in the Scottish Parliament calling for the recognition of a Palestinian state on Tuesday.

Mr Findlay, who said his "blood ran cold when Netanyahu was re-elected", fears there won't be peace "given the aggressiveness and complete unwillingness of the current Israeli government to accept or recognise all that is going on: ethnic cleansing; the holding of child prisoners and of prisoners without trial; torture; the demolition of homes, hospitals and power stations; and land grabs".

He said in the debate on Glasgow Kelvin SNP MSP Sandra White's motion: "Illegal occupation, aggressive actions by the Israeli army and the expansion of settlements - which now host about 650,000 people - are all major barriers to creating any movement for a just peace."

Mr Findlay added: "If there is no recognition or admission of those war crimes and gross human rights violations, there is unlikely to be any progress.

"The blockade of Gaza and further attacks on innocent men, women and children have only increased tensions, conflict and tragedy in the region."

Mrs White claims that when the motion was scheduled for debate "I received support from many different quarters, alongside a petition from citizens of Israel" supporting her.

She said: "The will is there in Israel and we owe it as much to the Israelis as we do to the Palestinians to support them.

"The establishment of a two-state solution is essential if we are to do that; it is essential if we are to free Palestinians from occupation and from the injustices that have been wrought upon them. It is essential if we are to provide security for both Palestinians and Israelis."

Lothian Conservative MSP Cameron Buchanan said recognition of a Palestinian state should be dependent on 'Palestine' recognising the right of the Jewish state to exist.

He also called upon the Palestinians to recognise Israel's significant and legitimate security concerns.

Glasgow Shettleston SNP MSP John Mason called upon people to be more critical of countries such as Saudi Arabia with far worse records on human rights.

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