Madeleine wins award

AUTHOR and psychotherapist Madeleine Black received an award last week.

Madeleine won the award at the No1 Magazine Amazing Women Awards, held on International Women’s Day at the Glasgow Old Fruit Market.

She was chosen from 15 candidates in the strength category.

Present with her at the event, were her husband, Steven, and daughters Anna, Mimi and Leila.

As a teenager, Madeleine was brutally raped and tortured at knifepoint by two men.

She eventually wrote about her experience in her book Unbroken: One Woman’s Journey to Rebuild a Life Shattered by Violence.

Madeleine told the Jewish Telegraph: “It was a lovely honour and total surprise to have won the award.

“No1 Magazine has been really supportive. It reviewed my book, published an interview and now there’s this.

“It has been an interesting year and I have spoken at lots of different events. I am due to speak at the Aye Write Festival and have been booked to speak in Cork and Basle.

“I have collaborated with other authors at events, been interviewed on radio here in the UK and in America and have done podcasts.”

Madeleine is one of 50 people chosen to take part in The Global Resilience Project, run by Emma Bell.

The project is creating a global community of ‘thrivers’, who share their stories of thriving through adversity.

The aim of the project is to identify the most powerful strategies used by them and to develop a resilience blueprint, enabling others to overcome challenges, adversity, anxiety and stress in all areas of their lives.

Kindertransport refugee Henry Wuga is a fellow participant in the project.

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