Community responds to ShabbatUK bake-up call

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SHABBATUK Scotland got off to a memorable start on Wednesday night.

More than 100 men, women and children attended a challa bake off in the Giffnock Synagogue banqueting suite, led by Hadassa Rubin.

The event was sponsored by Ruti Stern in memory of her late sister.

Mrs Rubin spoke about the mitzva of taking a small piece from the dough to throw away.

Hazel Lewis, who has her bat chayil this weekend, was given the honour of making the first separation and saying the blessing.

Giffnock minister Rabbi Moshe Rubin spoke of the beauty of challa baking as being a family experience or one that can bring friends together.

Shul chairman Jeremy Freedman had to judge the best female and male challa bakers. Ester Belukorov, 13, and Michael Goodman were the prize-winners.

The demonstration loaves were earmarked for a Friday lunch for Calderwood Lodge P7 children, a Newton Mearns Friday night dinner and Giffnock seudat, as part of ShabbatUK Scotland.

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