Suzanne loses job as JCS ends post

JEWISH Care Scotland has dispensed with the role of chief executive.

Suzanne Neville will leave the post in order to help combat a deepening financial crisis.

Chairman George Hecht said: "We are very grateful to Suzanne for her service over the last four years.

"It is our paramount concern to protect the integrity and range of services to the Jewish community in Scotland.

"We have a great history of high quality care provision but as trustees we have a duty to ensure we are able to maintain that quality of care for the future."

JCS has made financial losses totalling 400,000 over the past four years as the demand for its essential services has continued to increase.

Despite many fundraising successes in a declining community and the loss of staff, to balance the books the board decided the organisation must take this action.

If action was not taken, there was a risk that in approximately six to eight years, Jewish Care Scotland would not exist in its present form.

The past year has seen a 35 per cent rise in referrals to JCS and more than 500 individuals and families will look to the charity for help in 2014.

Treasurer Natalie Cahif said: "We cannot keep making these losses and maintain current levels of service at the same time.

"These services have to be our priority - that is why we exist."

There will be no change in the position of Jewish Care Scotland's Social Work manager and her team, which will continue to be responsible for all professional social work decisions and maintenance of standards.

"The JCS chairman will provide extra hours of support to the organisation over the next few months on a purely voluntary basis and the board will review the situation in six months' time.

Mr Hecht added: "We in Jewish Care Scotland are a family and these decisions are painful to all of us.

"But meeting the needs of the whole community must come first and that is why these measures are being taken."

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