Friends will march at anti-racism rally

THE Confederation of Friends of Israel Scotland will be taking part in tomorrow’s March Against Racism in Glasgow, despite attempts to have them barred, writes SHARON MAIL.

It will be the second time that CoFIS, with Glasgow Friends of Israel, has attended the event.

More than 20 people, including representatives from the Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee, Dumfries and Galloway and Edinburgh Friend of Israel groups are expected to march.

Among those who have vehemently protested against the inclusion of CoFIS are the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the Scottish Friends of Palestine and a group of ‘Jewish anti-racists’ — Sarah Glynn, Alice Flebotte, Hadassah Tillotson, Catherine Lyons, Adam Wadler, Leora Wadler, Jola Litwitz and Johnny McKenzie.

CoFIS convenor Nigel Goodrich told the Jewish Telegraph: “We have been made aware of aggressive attempts to prevent us from taking part, orchestrated by the SPSC.

“We look forward to marching on Saturday with all those who understand that antisemitism is racism and hence a crime.”

GFoI chairman Sammy Stein criticised the group of Jewish ‘anti-racists’ who wrote a letter calling for a ban on CoFIS’ participation in the march.

Mr Stein said: “These are people who have attended events organised by the SPSC, many of whom use posts on social media that demonise all Jews, including these naive people who call for us to be stopped from standing up to antisemitism.

“Unbelievably, with antisemitism on the rise, a campaign to stop CoFIS and GFoI taking part in the march has been launched. It is supported by a group that includes the words ‘human rights’ in its name.

“One may wonder why there is an attempt to ban CoFIS and GFoI from the march. How strange and puzzling that there are people who wish to impede anyone from standing up against racism.

“Could there be underhand and sinister reasons lurking in the shadows? Is this another example of a growing climate of antisemitism in Scotland?”

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