Andrea’s surprise deliveries put smiles on faces

ANDREA Fox is brightening people’s days by delivering small arrangements of flowers through Pulling Together.

Newton Mearns Synagogue member Andrea approached Pulling Together volunteer co-ordinators Joe Freedman and Ethne Woldman with the idea, aimed at the most vulnerable people isolating in the community.

Andrea has experience in doing flower arrangements for Breast Cancer Care ladies lunches and shul events.

Last Friday Andrea delivered the first of her uplifting gifts to nine very surprised older people.

Within minutes, Ethne’s phone began to ring. The first call came from Estelle Johnstone, who said: “The doorbell rang and there on my doorstep was a beautiful vase of flowers with a tag with a glittering heart saying with love from Pulling Together.

“It was such a surprise and, in these troubled times, it’s going to give me pleasure just to look at this lovely gift. Please thank the person responsible.”

Similar calls came from many others or their carers.

Andrea said: “I like to treat myself to flowers and they always brighten up my day and so I suggested to Ethne that some of the recipients receiving food orders may like a little token of flowers to lift their morale.”

She added: “The flowers are a little gift, just to put a smile on people’s faces and all deliveries are made in accordance with social distancing guidelines.”

Ethne said: “The flowers make people who are facing isolation on their own feel appreciated and valued.”

If you need help from Pulling Together, contact: Joe on 07771 777976 or; Ethne on 07703 566484 or; and Vicci Stein for supermarket shopping on 07540 095255.

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