Debate cancelled after ‘cowardly act’

A DEBATE was cancelled last night on whether or not Israel is an apartheid state were in disarray yesterday.

The Strathclyde Students for Academic Freedom Society arranged the debate on ‘This House Believes that Israel is not an Apartheid State’.

The two speakers on the motion were due to be David Collier, who uncovered antisemitism and Holocaust denial in the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and Professor Henry Maitles, a Scottish Jews for a Just Peace member and Holocaust educator.

However, Glasgow Friends of Israel chairman Sammy Stein received an email saying that Prof Maitles and the Scottish Friends of Palestine had taken the position that they would not be happy to debate with Mr Collier.

“People like Maitles or the student societies spend their time pushing propaganda onto students,” Mr Collier told the Jewish Telegraph. “When the opportunity arises to place their position under scrutiny, they run from the challenge. This was a cowardly act that highlights that they are aware their arguments have little in common with the truth.”

The debate was cancelled when a replacement could not be found for Prof Maitles.

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