David homes in on FIFA for his latest book

BOOK TALK: Phil Goldstone, of MiliM, greets David Conn, right

GUARDIAN sports writer David Conn recalled starting a talk in Liverpool by giving a vote of thanks, when one Scouser shouted out: “Stop sucking up to us and get on with it.”

David, who lives in Yorkshire, was addressing a MiliM literary festival audience of more than 150 people at The Grammar School at Leeds about his new book The Fall of the House of FIFA.

He was once described on radio by Ken Bates as “the international enemy of Leeds United,” although David never quite understood the “international” angle.

David has also been involved in revealing the truth about the Hillsborough tragedy where 96 Liverpool fans were killed in the FA Cup semi-final in 1989.

David recommended that anyone who wanted to read the true account of what happened in Sheffield that day should seek out his article.

Something that David has not always revealed but claims as his “guilty secret” was that he started his career as a lawyer, although originally he always wanted to be a writer.

“I thought possibly after university and at the age of 21, I could write a novel and then not have to work again,” he said.

Searching the web for comments about his new book, he became excited when he spotted a five-star rating. But the comment read: “Bought the book as a gift: condition excellent.”

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