Sisters will open Mikvah Month

THE Fabian Sisters will be performing in Leeds on Sunday to celebrate the opening of Mikvah Month and to raise money for BRCA Journey.

Mikvah Month will raise awareness of breast cancer and encourage women to check themselves for the signs.

A breast health promotion workshop will be held and information will be made available at the concert, regarding how to check.

BRCA Journey was established to raise awareness and provide information regarding the BRCA gene mutation.

The event will also raise awareness of the Leeds Mikvah and aims to introduce the Leeds Pearls mikvah to any married Jewish woman.

There will be guided tours of the mikvah throughout the month, as well as educational events, including relationship seminars on all levels, including marriage seminars, teenage relationship workshops, and individual and group learning sessions regarding family purity and mikvah.

* Details: Sephy on 07519 113418 or sephstern@gmail.com

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