Soldiers send thanks to Leeds Jewry

ISRAELI soldiers have thanked the Leeds Jewish community after an appeal for toiletries and skin-care products produced an overwhelming response.

Former Leeds resident Malcolm Babbin, who now lives in Israel, made the appeal during this summer's conflict, on behalf of Yesh L'cha Chaver (You Have a Friend).

The Israeli-based charity is involved in sending aid to IDF soldiers as well as helping people suffering from poverty.

Working with 10 volunteers in Israel - five from the UK - Mr Babbin supervises the provision of weekly food packages to 35 families living in the Katamonim suburb of south Jerusalem.

During the Israel-Gaza war he received an IDF commander communication requesting a supply of toothpaste, brushes and skin-care creams for the soldiers' welfare.

The Carbam soldiers have now written to the Leeds community: "We found the toiletries very helpful. It made us feel a lot better during this tough time of conflict and war."

Mr Babbin described the response as "overwhelming".

He said: "I would like to thank some very good friends in Leeds who stored and then brought the 65kg of toiletries to Israel, together with their personal luggage."

In all, 160 tubes of toothpaste, more than 100 toothbrushes and 104 containers of E45 skin moisturiser and assorted wipes and deodorants were transported to Israel.

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