College awards for Brodetsky art pupils

BUDDING artists from Brodetsky Primary School Years Five and Six were presented with arts award certificates from Trinity College London on Tuesday.

The youngsters presented their individual artwork portfolios at the college.

These had been submitted for a national awards initiative, as the school has been part of the first wave of primary schools in Leeds to get involved in the Arts Award - Discover and Explore.

Art teacher Sandra Taylor said the awards had helped develop the pupils' understanding of what the arts means to them.

The youngsters took part in art workshops.

"They have become independent learners who are able to articulate their thoughts when evaluating their work and that of artists and their peers," Ms Taylor said.

"The moderators could see that our pupils have totally been committed to achieving the awards and presenting work to a very high standard."

Pupil Amy Fletcher chose a trip to London to showcase her creation, enjoying the chance to design her own scene in a favourite city and "just having fun using all the new skills I have learned."

Amy said it was exciting working with other people.

"We all had our own ideas and I created a busy scene, choosing some important city landmarks and what was going on around them," she said.

Leo Maurice chose sculpture as his subject, using a selection of different materials, creating things that appealed to him in 3D and utilising recycled materials.

"I feel I brought a lot to this project because my partner and I did a lot of research into how we were going to do it," he said.

The children said they enjoyed the challenge while constantly pushing themselves to make their work look realistic.

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