Grammar School pair head to top

MOST sixth-form students would be stressed out at the prospect of a job interview, but Toby Kunin admits that he rather enjoyed his for the role of head boy at The Grammar School at Leeds.

The interview is the final part of GSAL’s selection process for the student leadership team of two boys and two girls.

Toby is joined by fellow head boy Josh Borlant, and head girls Niharika Manu and Nicole Smith.

While Toby’s interest include singing in the school choirs, debating and intellectual discussion with the school’s Socratic Society, Josh is an accomplished sportsman who plays first team football and rugby for GSAL.

Josh said: “Sport has helped me develop as a person, step out of my comfort zone and find out what I’m good at.

“Being head boy is a good opportunity to show the leadership qualities developed throughout school, help out younger students and make their time at school even better.”

Josh plans to read economics at university after leaving school in 2019 and pursue a career in finance.

Toby wishes to take a history degree and remains open-minded about his future career; however the experience he will gain as head boy can only enhance his CV.

Toby said: “It’s important to rise to our responsibilities in these leadership positions, develop the roles and support students by making sure the school listens to what they are saying.”

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