LJOY event will honour Kitty’s ‘batmitzvah year’

SHOPS, businesses and cafes in the Leeds 17 area have joined forces to help out in the final challenge of LJOY’s The Apprentice on Sunday.

The six teams will be baking products under the supervision of Leeds Beth Din and have already made pitches to Street Lane Bakery, Moortown Deli, Gourmet, The Zone, The Cafe at the MAZ and The Bank Cafe at Moortown Corner to encourage them to sell their products.

The teams will also be retailing items to the general public in the Merrion Centre on Sunday afternoon.

A percentage of the overall profit made from the sales will be given to Martin House, in memory of Kitty Doerfler, who passed away from lymphoblastic leukaemia 11 years ago, soon after her first birthday.

This year would have been Kitty’s batmitzvah and, as her brother Max is taking part in Team Big Change, it felt appropriate to donate money to the charity.

The final of LJOY’s event will take place on Sunday, February 4, at Etz Chaim Synagogue when Linda Plant, from BBC One’s The Apprentice, will be guest speaker and answering questions with Joseph Valente, winner of The Apprentice 2015.

Tickets: tinyurl.com/LJOYPlant

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