Philip searches for father's documents

HISTORICAL documents went missing after last year's Makor exhibition at the Etz Chaim Synagogue.

Philip Sheaf is hoping someone picked up the 40-year-old documents by mistake after the exhibition on Jewish Leeds.

They had belonged to his late father, Jack Sheaf, who owned barber shops in Leeds until his death in 1978.

"Unfortunately Makor has been unable to locate the mislaid documents and as these have great sentimental value, I would really like to find them," Philip said.

"They are descriptions of life in Leeds at that time and of many characters he knew in his lifetime, and comprise of 15 pages of old, lined text-book paper, rather aged and yellow.

"The documents are all titled Legends of the Leylands Part Two and were written by my father as additional notes, and given to the late Leeds historian Louis Saipe, who had written extensively on the subject in the Jewish Gazette in the early 1960s."

Contact Philip on 0113-2936794 or 07774-050080.

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