Dangerous Corbyn

JEREMY Corbyn saying there’s no room for antisemitism in today’s Labour Party seems more like empty words than ever.

He spent a whole week in Jordan demonising Israel and the most moral army in the world — the IDF.

He wants the IDF prosecuted for war crimes.

Those war crimes include defending your country from thousands of terrorists trying to break into the country and kill Jewish people.

Corbyn has stated that the first thing he would do if Labour were to return to power is recognise a Palestinian state while, in the process, destroying the Jewish state. He talks about the right of return of Arabs, yet makes no mention of close on a million Jews thrown out of Arab lands.

Corbyn should realise there’s already a two-state solution in Jordan — what is now Transjordan in the 1948 British mandate.

He wants another third Palestinian state in Israel, not even considering how disastrous this would be for Israel.

Israel would no longer be able to defend her borders and the Jewish people if this was to happen. Corbyn is a very dangerous man and must never be allowed to be prime minister of Britain.

It would be a disaster for not only Israel but the safety of British Jews in this country.

Keith Fairclough,
Apartment 4,
Lauren House,
Warrington Road,

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