Labour still ok

SOME of your columnists just do not understand how one can still stay in the Labour Party.

But they fail to see that the current Conservative vision of closing libraries, disorganising schools and health, and cutting benefits without providing jobs all cause discontents that tempt people into “kick the cat” politics of cynics or clowns who dump on Jews and other minorities.

It is worth noting that the worst spasms of antisemitism in the last century-and-a-half were in the decades after the crashes of 1929 and 2008 and the Russian pogroms coincided closely with the social disruptions of industrialisation and urbanisation in the reigns of Alexander III and Nicholas I.

Conversely, in the prosperity of post-1945 reconstruction and the worldwide development following the spread of electronics, Jews have done best.

To corroborate, note how — despite their faults — Soviet Jews drew enough social mobility for more than 100 of them to serve in the Second World War as major generals or above. I sympathise with those who have lost patience with the Corbynistas — who waited long enough for their moment.

So can we wait for when the fashionable nostrum of anti-Zionism spilling into antisemitism explodes in the faces of the communities promoting it?

Frank Adam,
14 Hartley Avenue,

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