Letís trust Trump

I COULDNíT believe the attack on Donald Trump and Brexit by your correspondent Richard Baum.

I have never come across anyone who says they like Israel but not Jews.

Loving Israel goes hand in hand with loving Jews. Trumpís own daughter converted to Judaism with her dadís blessing.

Trump doesnít just love Israel... he loves Judaism.

Mr Baum then accuses people, like myself, who voted for Brexit of being racists.

No, we voted for Brexit because we donít want to be controlled by the European Union and United Nations ó two groups that are deeply antisemitic and, in my opinion, are unfit for purpose.

I take deep offence at being called a racist for voting for Brexit.

In response to another correspondent, Victor Goldwater, who blamed Trump for the latest mass shooting in America, I would point out that most of the previous shootings were when Barack Obama was president. Trump has only been in office for one year.

The school was let down by the FBI and the police response to this tragic incident.

Trump suggested as a last resort that teachers could be armed as a last line of defence to protect children, something that has happened in Israel and works well.

The president firstly wants armed guards on American schools and other protective measures put in place.

Arming teachers was one of many measures he has been looking into.

Many of the parents in that tragic school shooting have spoken out in the presidentís defence ó they trust him, just like I do.

Keith Fairclough,
Apartment 4,
Lauren House,
Warrington Road,
Whiston, Merseyside.

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