Wrangling ahead

LIKE your correspondent Dennis Fisher, I am not keen on another EU referendum, not least because I anticipate a “Brenda from Bristol” groan going up.

I can also forsee months of wrangling about what to put on the ballot paper. Correspondent Victor Goldwater, whom Dennis Fisher was answering, has definite ideas about the latter.

And while I take Mr Fisher’s point about freedom of movement and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice being fundamental to the movement towards the 2016 referendum, I cannot remember the question of a trade deal being so.

As members, we have the most comprehensive form of deal and anything negotiated after leaving would just go some way towards replacing it.

We should beware of turning our backs on a set of arrangements which have enabled member states to trade with far less friction than would otherwise have been possible.

There are other ways of solving problems.

As for this country having provided a “free lunch” through being one of the top contributors, consider that our population is also near the top.

We should consider the benefits that co-operation brings to all of us and avoid any return to “beggar my neighbour” policies.

Jeff Lewis,
3 Wood Grove,

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