Lost veg cubes

LIKE reader Monty Cowen, I am also dismayed that Telma vegetable stock cubes are no longer available.

As a substitute, I used to use a packet of the Knorr (new name for Osem) 10 calorie instant soup, but this too is now unavailable.

So I am reduced to using either the ordinary Knorr instant soups or well-diluted Bisto gravy powder (approved by the London Beth Din) instead of vegetable stock.

Even Sainsbury's used to sell the vegetable stock cubes, so I find it hard to believe that there was insufficient demand for them to be imported from Israel.

Incidentally, Osem used to make a parev mushroom stock cube which was so highly regarded that a non-Jewish lady once wrote to the Daily Telegraph lamenting its demise!

Elisabeth Baker,

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