God does not have favourites

ANTISEMITISM has always been there. Yet, I believe we Jews have within ourselves the ability to diminish or eradicate it.

Does God have any favourites among the different peoples of the world? I think that the obvious reply is that He does not.

Because to say otherwise is to imply that God prefers only people with white skins or to say that God is racist.

And I think, in this respect, we should not give the reply that God favours us as His chosen people because we were the only ones to accept the Torah.

The reason I say that is because it does not make rational sense that God would discriminate unfairly against gentiles - even though it says in the bible that He chose us.

I think a major step that would help us reduce antisemitism would be for people of our faith to stop thinking in terms of us and them in terms of we Jews as opposed to people of other faiths.

And also to feel the same empathy with other races of the world as we do for our own kind.

We are all just people - we all have the same hopes and aspirations and desires for some happiness as we go through life.

Howard Gardner,

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