Happier husbands

WE have just returned from a trip to Israel and met the group of disabled war veterans who visited Manchester in the summer.

Sometimes people question us on the value of our work.

Two wives came up to us and specifically made the point that their husbands had come back different men.

One of them said that within hours of him returning home, her children said: "He's changed and he's so much improved and happier."

Another wife also confirmed an enormous big change for the better in her husband.

Every year we get stories of our guests returning home invigorated and so much more prepared to face the future.

We are not quite sure why this happens. Perhaps it's the dynamics of the group. Perhaps it's the initial reason for the visits being started, which was to take them out of the intense atmosphere in Israel and for two weeks make them feel better within themselves.

Maybe it's our rainy weather!

There is no doubt that bringing them to Manchester and making them heroes and heroines for a short time in their lives makes an enormous difference.

Probably it is all due to the warmth of the Jewish community and to our wonderful hosts and hostesses.

Dov and Elaine Hamburger,
British Friends of the Israeli War Disabled,

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