Hate for Jews

I WATCHED a discussion about antisemitism and anti-Zionism on The Big Question recently.

This discussion was irrelevant.

What they should have been debating was the increase of Jew hatred in this country - in my opinion, mainly instigated by Islamics.

On the front row of the debate were two Jewish males and one Jewish woman. All three were deadly opposed to the Israeli government.

The two Jewish males didn't appear to be a full shilling.

Also on the front row were two prominent Islamics. One was an imam. It's marvellous how the "unbiased" BBC managed to find three Jews prepared to speak against the Israeli government.

Neither of the prominent Islamics had a word to say about the bloodbath in Syria when the subject cropped up.

But as soon as the Israel-Palestinian conflict was mentioned, the imam immediately launched a virulent attack on Israel.

This shows that Islamics don't care about their suffering brethren in Syria or for that matter the Palestinians.

All that matters to them is their all consuming hatred for Israel and the Jews.

Isaac Eventhal,
19 Erskine Road,
Higher Blackley,

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