Over-the-top claim

SOME of the claims by your correspondent Steven Harvey last week are really over the top.

Winston Churchill was a remarkable man, but my reading of his works does not make me think he had a good grasp of what constitutes a race of people.

Race and ethnicity are not, of course,the same thing however much they overlap.

Many Jewish faces are indistinguishable from many Italian gentile ones, for instance.

If we are looking for a reason for academic and professional achievement by Jews, I would suggest the importance we place on education and study is top of the list.

Mr Harvey's remarks about the situation in broadcasting made me smile and groan.

To a person on a steep slope, the flat land in front of them looks like an opposite slope.

Accusations that Jews dominate the media are often made by antisemites (as witness recent disturbing reports of the American elections).

And in the heat of ideological battle, prejudices get recycled, with the labels switched.

Jeff Lewis,
3 Wood Grove,

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