Dilemma over Livingstone

THE saga continues. Ken Livingstone’s current two-year Labour Party suspension has now been lengthened to “no exact time limit”.

The National Executive Committee is set to hear his case, allegedly following an “avalanche” of further complaints — how many more can there be — within the next six months and could then refer him to the NCC, the only body with power to expel a Labour member.

Livingstone has threatened legal action if he is thrown out of the party and perhaps Jeremy Corbyn is concerned about what he might reveal.

Yet in answer to a question on the BBC Daily Politics programme, MP John Mann alleged — in Livingstone’s presence — that he was an antisemite (which he denies) without any ensuing legal reaction.

On the other hand, numerous Labour MPs are very concerned about Labour election losses if his suspension is lifted.

Percy Stern,

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