Symposium will explore heritage

THE history of Liverpool’s Jewish community will be highlighted during an exploration of Jewish heritage at the Museum of Liverpool on Sunday (10.30am-5pm).

Marking the culmination of the ‘Galkoff’s and the Secret Life of Pembroke Place’ project, the symposium will explore Liverpool’s Jewish heritage through art, poetry, digital technology and food, as well as exploring these aspects in other Jewish communities beyond the city’s boundaries.

Supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Galkoff’s project enabled the history of this area of Liverpool to be uncovered, which was home to a large proportion of the city’s Jewish population during the 19th century.

Highlights of the symposium on Sunday include: artist and poet Sophie Herxheimer on collecting memories and stories live in ink; Nadia Valman on using digital technology to unlock layers of heritage; Vivi Lachs speaking on Jewish immigrant life through Yiddish poetry; and project curator, Poppy Learman on the project.

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