School is given 'Good' rating

KING David Primary School has been rated as 'Good' by Jewish education body Pikuach.

The Childwall-based school received a grade two rating overall, but obtained a top grade one for its quality of provision for pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, including meeting the statutory requirement for a daily act of collective worship.

The report praised KDPS for the quality of learning and assessment, specifically paying tribute to those pupils learning to speak Ivrit and to read Hebrew and those with special educational needs, who receive one-to-one support to help them access their Jewish education with increasing independence and, in some cases, to establish a strong Jewish identity.

Outgoing headteacher Rachel Rick said: "The team were very impressed with the links between secular staff and Jewish education, and by the work done by Rachel Baker as manager and Lauren Lesin-Davis as chairman of governors."

But the report added that Jewish education is not rated as 'Outstanding' because the curriculum has not yet been designed to fully meet the specific needs of all the pupils; the teaching lacks consistency and does not always support pupils to reach their potential, particularly for more able pupils; and that the school does not have an experienced and knowledgeable leader for Jewish education to unite and support the team and monitor and evaluate the work.

The report called on the school to review its current Jewish education curriculum to match the needs of Liverpool's Jewish community, capitalising on the best interactive online resources, to make it appropriate for 21st century learners.

Parents were also invited to give their comments.

One parent said: "The strong links the school has with the wider Jewish community has enabled my child to forge his own links with shul and Jewish clubs."

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