Dad-of-seven knifed to death on Israel trip

TONY: He was stabbed on the terrace of synagogue

A Manchester man who was stabbed to death in Israel on Sunday had "re-found himself" after a troubled past.

Father-of-seven Tony "Tuvyah" Rose, 48, had found an inner peace after suffering prolonged health issues, said his brother David.

"He had made many new friends in the Manchester Jewish community when he came back here in 2008 after living in Israel," David added.

"I am heartbroken and shocked."

Mr Rose, the son of Phyllis Rose and the late Joe Rose, was repeatedly stabbed in the Galilee city of Safed on the terrace of the Merkava Synagogue and went into traumatic cardiac arrest.

Paramedics tried to resuscitate him, but he was pronounced dead at the local Ziff Hospital.

It is understood that a man has been charged although police could not confirm it yesterday. The alleged attacker is believed to be a former US Marine who had converted to Judaism.

Mr Rose, who had two grandchildren Alicia and Amelia, had moved to Safed in the late 1990s.

David said: "We had last spoken around two or three weeks ago and he told me he wanted to go to Safed for Pesach. Tony considered it to be home and it was an extremely spiritual place for him."

The funeral was in Safed on Monday.

"Everyone there loved him - they were beyond consolation at the funeral," David added.

Divorced Mr Rose, who was raised in the Broughton Park area of north Manchester and went to the city's King David High School, emigrated to Beersheba in the early 1990s with then-wife Dawn (nee Levy) and children.

He later moved to Safed and returned to the UK six years ago as most of his children were in Manchester.

David, who attended the funeral in Safed, added: "It was always Tony's dream to move to Israel.

"He loved it more than anything and wanted to be buried there.

"From what I have been told by witnesses, an attacker started on Tony for no reason.

"Tony was sitting on the terrace of the synagogue and was chatting to a neighbour.

"The neighbour popped into his house and when he returned saw that a guy had Tony in a headlock - but he thought they were mucking about.

"Then Tony said to the neighbour, 'Save me, help me - he's killing me'. Tony was losing the colour from his face.

"The witness told me that the attacker took out what looked like a hunting knife with a serrated edge and stabbed him in the heart and then all over his body continuously."

Mr Rose was father to Ian, Jade, Adriella, Joshua, Lior, Yosef and Uriel. He also had a sister, Michelle Clayton, and brother, Colin.

Merkava shul's Rabbi Avraham Shimon Weingot said the Safed community was in "total shock".

"Such a horrible thing has never happened in Safed in recent history," he added.

"Safed is a peaceful town, where people come to live quiet, holy lives. Tuvyah felt at home here and there was a mutual feeling of friendship, love and respect.

"He was a guest of many families for Shabbat meals."

Rabbi Weingot claimed that Safed residents had experienced incidents of verbal and physical aggression by the alleged attacker.

He alleged that they had "reported him to the authorities - who did nothing".

A lifelong friend, South Manchester Lubavitch director Rabbi Dovid Jaffe, said Mr Rose had been looking forward to spending Pesach in Israel.

He said: "Tony was a special, sensitive person, always happy, always singing - he cared about everybody.

"He brought a smile to people's faces.

"He was misunderstood by some, but will be terribly missed by many. Our Shabbat and yomtov table will never be the same.

"Many of the guests who met Tony at our Shabbat table have phoned to say how they loved him."

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