Artist Chava hits back over media terror bias

Chava Erlanger

CHAVA Erlanger was so annoyed by a biased media response to Sunday’s terrorist truck attack in Jerusalem, when a Palestinian brutally mowed down and killed four Israeli soldiers, that she responded through art.

The 40-year-old art therapist was incensed that some newspapers had referred to the callous murders as an “alleged” terror attack with one even claiming that “a lorry driver was shot after hitting pedestrians”.

Israel-born Mrs Erlanger, who lives in Prestwich, drew a bloody truck severed by a knife to express how she felt.

She said: “I was annoyed when I kept seeing on the news that it was ‘supposedly’ a terror attack.

“So I did this little sketch and put it on Facebook.

“Everyone urged me to send it to a newspaper because of how good it was.

“Being an artist by trade, this is my way of responding to things — it is my version of writing.

“My painting doesn’t have any direct link to Israel in it — it’s more about the human response.

Chava painted a knife cutting through the blood-trailing truck

Mrs Erlanger has travelled the world in order to cultivate her artistic talents — she studied at a seminary in Switzerland and has also lived in Belgium and Holland.

She moved to Manchester in 2010 and read 3D design at Manchester Metropolitan University.

She is a granddaughter of Auschwitz and Buchenwald survivor Irene Russ.

Mrs Erlanger, who has three children — Mikey, 21, Raffy, 20, and Nechemya, 14 — added that the “traditional” idea of a terror attack has changed.

She said: “It is no longer a bomb or a gun.

“People are using tools that you find on a building site, or big machines like a truck.

“This is not random any more.

“I also painted a picture after the attack in Paris on the Charlie Hebdo magazine headquarters.

“It is my way of expressing my feelings”.

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