Violent Muslims cannot handle power, says rabbi

LINE-UP: Rabbi Jacobson (centre) with rabbis Daniel Walker, Yisroel Cohen, Yossi Chazan and Binyomin Singer

MUSLIM fundamentalists are violent because they want power - and have not learned how to control it, a Manchester audience heard this week.

Rabbi Simon Jacobson said: "The Jewish way is not about violence or revenge.

"After the Holocaust, Jewish people did not seek revenge.

"They do not kill people or force them to convert.

"In order for power to work, there has to be restraint.

"Muslims have not learned how to handle that yet."

The best-selling author and educator was speaking at a L'Chaim-Chabad Lubavitch event at Heaton Park Synagogue on Saturday night.

The founding dean of the Meaningful Life Centre in New York, Rabbi Jacobson spent four days in Manchester. He spoke at eight venues - to children, teenagers, students and adults - and also saw individuals for private consultations.

Rabbi Jacobson explained that the Western world and some of the eastern civilisations have removed religion from their lifestyles. He said: "They believe in science and technology and think they can reason and negotiate.

"In truth, you need to know your enemy and should not try to appease them.

"These radicals have passion on their side."

He added: "This cannot be overcome by military might or regulations.

"Western leaders have failed to recognise the fervour and ongoing indoctrination by radicals who educate their young with anti-Western ideas.

"Even if this generation of ISIS is destroyed, they will rise again with a new name.

"They see their acts as getting closer to God."

Rabbi Jacobson also felt that the Arabs have won the public relations battle - and sympathy worldwide - even though their claims cannot be substantiated.

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