Early-learning centre honours brave Henel

A MOTHER-OF-eight who died in Manchester nearly five years ago will be remembered by one of her daughters who is opening an early-learning centre in New Jersey in her mother's name.

Twenty years before she died, London-born Henel Cohen suffered the life-threatening and paralysing Guillain-Barre syndrome, having to be hospitalised for nearly a year.

Although the illness left her disabled, in her recuperation Henel re-invented herself as a psychology and counselling graduate.

She also simultaneously devoted herself tirelessly to numerous charitable endeavours, including N'Shei Chabad, Jewish Women's Aid, The Fed and Alcohol and Drug Services.

Henel died in 2012.

Now one of her Manchester-born daughters, Tsipy Weiss, of Teaneck, New Jersey, is opening Gan Henel Early Learning Centre in Englewood, NJ, in Henel's name.

Tsipy was educated at Manchester's Jewish High School for Girls and Beth Rivkah Seminary, near Paris.

Tsipy, who has a Master's degree in early childhood education, is currently educational director of a Riverdale, New York early learning centre after teaching in similar institutions around America.

In Gan Henel, Tsipy plans to use innovative techniques to ensure that each child fully develops his or her potential.

Tsipy said: "It's always been my dream to open up my own

early-learning centre to create my own programmes in the approaches to childhood in which I believe.

"My mother was an inspiration. She was very into treating all of us individually.

"Even though she had eight children, she was able to address our individual needs and value each child's individuality."

Tsipy and her husband Menachem have four children - Raffi, Rachael, Dovi and Hannah.

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