Yom HaShoah Manchester’s patrons boost

LEADING figures from the world of politics, law, the media and beyond have joined together to show their support for a Holocaust memorial charity.

Yom HaShoah Manchester — the charity which organises the community’s annual commemoration of the Holocaust — has announced a register of patrons who have declared their backing for the cause.

The list includes journalists Lord Finklestein and Richard Littlejohn, historians and broadcasters Professor Michael Wood and Laurence Rees, crossbench peer Baroness Deech, lawyers Judge Lindsey Kushner and Nick Freeman.

Philanthropist and businessman David Eventhall, deputy lieutenant for Greater Manchester Mark Adlestone and Marina Smith, a founder member of the Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre in Nottingham are also among the patrons.

Mr Freeman, who has sponsored educational trips to Poland and whose grandparents took in a refugee from the Kindertransport, said that he was deeply honoured to be associated with the organisation.

This year’s presentation will take place on Thursday, April 12 at the Audacious Conferencing Hall, off Trinity Way, Salford.

Award-winning television producer and director Martin Davidson, who made the discovery that his grandfather was in the SS, will be the keynote speaker.

The theme, Law and Disorder, will look at how the educated professional classes such as lawyers and doctors, colluded in the Holocaust.

Yom Hashoah Manchester committee chairman Jackie Field said that acquiring charitable status and the support of such patrons was a significant move for the work of the organisation.

She explained: “We have always been grateful for the people who we have approached and who have kindly donated to Yom Hashoah, but it meant that funding was somewhat hand to mouth, since it was never clear how much money we would be able to raise each year.

“Not only are we now a charity, but we are moved by the willingness of so many leading figures to lend their names and become patrons of our cause.”

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