Rabbi to leave St Annes

ST Annes Synagogue minister Rabbi Ephraim Guttentag is to leave his position.

Gateshead-born Rabbi Guttentag, who is married to Malki, succeeded Rabbi David Katanka, who died in 2014, just a few months into his role.

He is due to leave shortly before Rosh Hashana.

Shul president Robert Pinkus said: “Rabbi Guttentag has been very good for our community and we are sorry that he and Malki are leaving.”

Mr Pinkus added that Rabbi Guttentag had encouraged more members, enhanced the shul’s services and instigated a number of social events.

He continued: “Rabbi Guttentag also made good contacts with members who were not able to attend services on a regular basis, so they would still feel involved.”

Rabbi Guttentag was unavailable for comment when contacted by the Jewish Telegraph.

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