Sunday roast for Fab Four

SOLDIERING ON: Michele Lewis, Marc Cooper, Raphi Bloom and Caroline Sherwin

BEING electrocuted should not be a fun way to spend a Sunday morning.

But then not much about the Tough Mudder endurance race is fun.

The event is designed to test all-round strength, stamina, teamwork and mental grit.

Mancunian friends Raphi Bloom, Michele Lewis, Marc Cooper and Caroline Sherwin put themselves through the electrical roasting on Sunday to raise almost 2,000 for British Friends of Israel War Disabled.

Jewish Telegraph sales executive Raphi, 44, said: "It is the ultimate challenge. It is a way of testing your mental and physical strengths."

Sunday's Tough Mudder was held at Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire, and featured a military-style 12-mile obstacle course.

"It is designed and created by the British Special Forces and the obstacles often play on common human fears, such as fire, water, electricity and heights," explained Raphi, taking part for the second time.

"Marc and I found the 'Arctic Enema' the toughest. You have to get into a huge skip full of iced water and swim underneath it to get out the other end.

"Then there was the electroshock therapy, where you had to run through wires which can carry up to 10,000 volts, and five miles of mud-pools which you had to wade through.

"Michele and Caroline found the water obstacles the toughest. It was definitely harder than last year as it was a more difficult course."

The quartet have been actively involved in the counter-protests outside the Israeli cosmetics store Kedem in King Street, Manchester.

Raphi, of Radcliffe, added: "We decided to raise money for BFIWD as one of the things you don't hear about is the number of Israeli soldiers who suffered severe injuries in Gaza and other wars.

"The charity helps them rehabilitate and give them a meaningful life. Israel has more than 50,000 registered war disabled - Jewish, Muslim and Druze.

"Each year the charity brings groups of injured soldiers to Jewish communities in the UK as a part of their rehabilitation."

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