Ruti excited by choral display

MUSICAL TREAT: The Menorah choir, ready to entertain at the Choral Extravaganza Encore

RUTI Worrall is hoping to hit a high note in community relations.

The Menorah Synagogue (Cheshire Reform) musical director and her committee have organised their fourth annual event.

And Choral Extravaganza Encore - on Saturday, January 28 (7.30pm) - will feature two church choirs, a Hungarian folk group and the Menorah choir.

A large amount of the proceeds will go to Faith Network for Manchester, an organisation which brings people of faith together from across the city and which is run by Jews, Muslims and Christians.

Israeli Ruti said: "Every time we have had people of other denominations visit our synagogue, they go home thinking differently about us.

"We have had Hindu, Muslim and Christian visitors and we make friends among each other."

Joining Menorah's choir will be the Choral Scholars, from St Martin-in-the-Fields church, in London, Chester-based Hungarian folk group Ti-Ti Ta and the choir of Birchfields Primary School in Fallowfield.

And the folk group's performance will have special resonance for Ruti, who spent 25 years teaching music at North Cheshire Jewish Primary School.

For her mother, Judit, was born in Hungary and moved to then-Palestine in the early 1930s where she met husband Jack Lischitz.

"Last year we had around 200 people at the concert and we are hoping for the same number this time around," said Ruti, who lives in Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire, with husband Peter.

"It will be fantastic and quality evening. Our choir is always worth listening to and watching, while the pupils from Birchfields, as children's choirs go, are well above the average.

"Also, I do not know if we will be able to attract a choir such as the one from St-Martin-in-the-Fields again."

The extravaganza always ends with a sing-along, with all the performers and audience joining together.

This year, they will sing the Israeli tune Gesher Tzar Meod (The World is a Narrow Bridge) and a Hungarian folk song.

The Menorah choir has also been invited by the BBC to perform at Radio 4's coverage of the Holocaust Memorial Day on Friday, January 27, at St James & Emmanuel Church, Didsbury.

Choral Extravaganza Encore tickets, priced 10, from

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