Trio help frum to find jobs

CODE BREAKERS: Members of the group on the coding course

THREE friends who set up a coding course last year to help the local Orthodox community into employment are celebrating the launch of a second class.

David Levine, Tim Dempsey and Gigi Mechlowitz launched the Alef Beis Digital Academy in January 2015 with 14 students.

Each of them started the course with basic computer knowledge before graduating with advanced programming skills and the ability to get a job in the industry.

The team, accompanied by professional lecturer Stuart Kirby, has also been active in finding employment for their graduates - with several candidates starting careers with various companies.

"One of our aims in launching the course was to increase employability in the frum community," Tim said.

"There are many people with strong motivation to work, who lack the appropriate skills set. That is something we hope to change."

David, who runs a technology company, said: "The skills required to excel in coding are easily picked up by people who have been in a yeshiva or kollel environment. Demand for these, particularly in Manchester, is high.

"There are thousands of development jobs unfilled in the region."

Gigi said they are keen to hear from employers within the community who might need additional development skills.

Having just completed the application process for the 'Class of 2016', the team are excited to work with 18 new candidates.

The course takes place in Manchester Mesivta's computing suite.

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