IsrACTION Day will provide food for thought

A JOINT initiative will see people show their support for Israel while also giving to charity.

IsrACTION Day - on Sunday, December 21 - has been organised by the North-West Friends of Israel in Manchester and the Sussex Friends of Israel.

Jewish communities across the country are being urged to buy Israeli products and donate them to homeless charities, in an initiative co-sponsored by the Israel Solidarity Campaign.

NWFOI co-chairman Raphi Bloom said: "We want people to go to mainstream supermarkets and buy Israeli products, preferably packaged items, such as soup mix, tins of food, cakes, pretzels and crisps.

"Many of these supermarkets have been targeted by the boycotts, divestments and sanctions campaign, whose core aim is the delegitimisation of Israel."

In Manchester, the Jewish community can drop off the food at Manchester Maccabi from 5pm.

It will then be donated to Jewish and non-Jewish food banks.

While at Maccabi, guests can enjoy menorah-lighting, hot dogs, latkes and doughnuts.

Raphi said: "Chanucah is a time for charity, so it is a nice way of tying it in.

"It is a way the whole family can become involved in supporting Israel and giving to charity at the same time.

"We want people to take photographs of themselves buying Israeli products, so we can put them on social media and show the world the true nature of the Jewish community, which is supporting Israel and Jewish and non-Jewish charities.

"We are proud British Jews and proud to live here and want to help our fellow citizens."

For those who cannot make it to Maccabi, there will be drop-off points at Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary School (12pm-3pm) and Yeshurun Hebrew Congregation, Gatley, from 6.55pm.

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