Margot, 94, steps down as chairman

MARGOT REUBEN has been chairman of the Sam Herwald JNF Wednesday Club for 17 years.

But the 94-year-old retired from the role earlier this month and will be honoured for her work at the club's Chanucah party at Manchester Maccabi on Wednesday, December 10 (2.30-4.30pm).

She said: "I enjoyed my time running the club, but it wasn't easy getting speakers every week. I was head cook and bottle washer.

"My role entailed booking speakers, organising parties and helping with the catering committee. I did everything".

Margot, who has been named the club's life president, originally joined as a member for "somewhere to go and for interesting talks".

Whitefield-based Margot was asked to join the committee in 1987.

And 10 years later, when she took on the role of chairman, there were 80 members.

Since the club moved to Maccabi from Mamlock House, it has an average of 50 members coming to events each week.

"One of the hardest parts was signing up members," Margot said.

"Especially since the move, numbers have dropped as people are finding it harder to come in their older age.

"But even though there may be a further distance now, people are still showing an interest.

Margot played a large part in organising the speakers for each meeting.

She explained: "The Wednesday Club holds a variety of different topics from speakers each week.

"Talks can be about anything, from what is going on socially in the area to other interesting talks.

"A programme was given out every month so that if someone didn't like a speaker one week, they didn't have to come."

Berlin-born Margot moved to London in 1934 with her parents to escape the rise of Nazism.

She recalled: "I was 14. My father went to London every two weeks for business so, because of his links, we moved to London.

"After school I worked as an office clerk in London for 23 years.

"During the Blitz, my firm were moved to Buxton and from there I moved to Manchester".

Margot married Jack Reuben in 1956. Together they ran a toy and pram retail business until Jack died in 1987.

They had one child, Phillip, and four grandchildren.

Margot has been known for her active community work and was invited to the Queen's garden party in 1999 as communal worker of the year.

Taking over as chairman will be Shirley Loofe and Dorothy Levy.

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