Helena is nominated for work in identifying dead cats

MANCUNIAN Helena Abrahams has been shortlisted for a Pride of Bury Volunteer of the Year award.

The former King David Junior School pupil has been recognised for her work in ensuring owners of deceased cats are informed about their loss.

She explained: “I collect deceased cats wherever I see them and take them to the vets to be scanned.

“I am also petitioning to make sure councils start scanning each of these cats.”

Helena calls it Gizmo’s Legacy, in memory of one of her cats who was killed by a car.

“I’m passionate about everyone knowing what happens to their cat instead of them being thrown in a landfill. It’s wrong.”

Local vets, she added, have told her that the work she is doing is “amazing”.

Helena added: “It’s led to so many going back home.

“If the council would take the two minutes to scan them that it takes the vets to do, there wouldn’t be a problem.

“Whether I win the award or not, I’ll carry on doing what I’m doing regardless.”

In March, Helena released a book about one of her other cats, called Spritzer The Cat’s Amazing Adventures (Publish Nation, Ł20.99).

The book — which has also spawned a Facebook page — details Spritzer’s travels around the local area.

Ms Abraham’s said: “Spritzer is a traveller... so much so that she has a tracker.

“From this tracker I found out that she was visiting the mental health unit at Fairfield Hospital.

“In the book she talks about her travels and how she goes right into the unit.

“She once went missing for a week and started eating random foods, which led to her having her stomach pumped — the vet had never seen anything like it, so I knew I had a weird cat anyway.”

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