Play at St George's Park? Fat chance

MANCHESTER United fan David Mintz won the chance to play at St George's Park - the English FA's national football centre - after losing five per cent of his body fat playing in the Man vs Fat Football League.

But there's one, slight problem. The game will take place this Shabbat and David is Shomer Shabbat.

The 37-year-old said: "It's nice to have been picked, but I won't be playing.

"I never win these things, so I didn't think about it being on a Shabbat. But football is normally a Saturday sport, so it's not really an issue."

The estate agent explained: "Fat football is for anybody who has a body mass index higher than 27 . . . mine is way more than 27.

"But just like everyone, I kept putting it off, until I saw an advert for Man vs Fat League on Facebook and thought I would have a go.

"The idea that you can play against those as unfit as you was appealing.

"Every week you get weighed, and if you lose weight as a team, you get extra points.

"You get awarded three extra goals for losing five per cent of your original weight."

David's footballing career didn't just start with Man vs Fat.

He played in the Manchester Jewish Soccer League for Broughton Jewish.

He added: "Football's a really great leveller. It doesn't matter what your religion is or what political beliefs you have.

"It would be great if Man vs Fat was on offer for the Jewish community."


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