Salford family mourns for Daniel, 54

A SALFORD family is in mourning following the sudden death of Daniel Rabinowitz.

The 54-year-old, suffered a heart attack on Saturday morning and died hours later.

Mr Rabinowitz, who owned a wholesale business, was at an auction house when he collapsed.

An ambulance took him to Salford Royal Hospital, where he was treated by doctors.

Son Simon received a phone call from the auction house and rushed to the hospital, where doctors told him that his father was going to die.

Simon was joined at the hospital by mum Amanda, brother Stephen and sister Natasha.

The family sat with Mr Rabinowitz, who had suffered with heart problems for 10 years, until he passed away.

He’d previously had three heart attacks and suffered from diabetes and neuropathy.

Mr Rabinowitz was raised in Prestwich, the son of Doreen Gabbai-Rabinowitz.

He had four sisters, Sharon Balkin, Malka Attias, Michelle Edery and Batya Howard, and a brother, Dov.

He moved to Israel at 15, later joining the Israel Defence Forces, serving for seven years and seeing action in the 1982 Lebanon War.

Mr Rabinowitz met Amanda (nee Lewis) when she visited his sister Sharon, with whom she was friends, in Israel.

They were married in 1989 at Prestwich Hebrew Congregation and had three children, Simon, Stephen and Natasha.

“Dad had a serious heart condition for a long time and we knew this was coming, but nothing could prepare us,” Simon said.

“In his last few years, he made his peace with his situation and he knew the day would come.

“His condition did not stop him from working and he was a dedicated man who only cared for a few things — his family and his business, so he passed happy and doing what he loved.”

Simon added that his father was a “big wind-up merchant” who loved to play jokes on his family and friends.

“He was a true character and a one-of-a-kind, and I will miss his weird sense of humour and his overall presence.”

Simon, who is due to marry fiancée Rachelle Sayers in August, said: “I am upset that dad won’t be at mine or my siblings’ weddings and that he won’t get to meet his grandchildren.

“However, I know in his own complicated way that he will make his presence known to us.”

Mr Rabinowitz’s funeral took place on Monday at Agecroft cemetery, Salford, with Prestwich Hebrew Congregation’s Rabbi Dovid Eisenberg officiating.

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