Iby, 98, dies on anniversary of her liberation

A LEEDS woman who survived the Holocaust after her parents smuggled her over the Czech-Hungarian border died on Sunday the same date she was liberated from Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1945.

Iby Knill, 98, was caught by security police before being imprisoned and tortured, not only for her Jewish connections, but for having entered Hungary illegally and aiding the resistance movement.

Eventually, she was sent to Auschwitz. But, in June, 1944, Iby (nee Kaufman) left the death camp after agreeing to travel as a nurse with the slave labour transportation of 500 women.

They marched at night in order to avoid being detected and slept in barns during the day.

If there were no barns they would lie in the fields.

They were liberated by the American army on Easter Sunday, 1945.

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