Corbyn Called For Boycott of Own Club

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn's hatred of Israel went to another level this week, after it emerged that he called for a boycott of Arsenal Football Club for promoting the Jewish state as the "perfect" holiday destination.

He made the call, against the team he supports, during the 2006 Trade Union Conference.

According to the Daily Mail, who revealed this yesterday, the 350,000 advertising deal was approved by Dubai-based Emirates Airlines - Arsenal's then-main sponsor - before going ahead.

Listed as a speaker alongside Mr Corbyn at the conference was preacher Daud Abdullah, who called for attacks on the Royal Navy if it tried to prevent arms smuggling into Gaza, and led a boycott of Holocaust Memorial Day.

Israel was also labelled "the biggest threat to world peace" and "the cuckoo in the nest of the Middle East".

Chairman of the Campaign Against Antisemitism Gideon Falter said: "Jeremy Corbyn's obsession with Israel blinds him.

"He has called for a boycott of his own football club, not because of its close association with the Emirates - which engages in torture and execution - but because of some obscure connection to Israel."

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