Shalhoub is Abe

DESPITE being the son of Lebanese Christians, Tony Shalhoub has no problem playing Abe Weissman in The Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

The third series of the hit show, which begins today on Amazon Prime, tells the story of a Jewish New Yorker, Miriam Maisel, who becomes a comedian.

“People who I meet on the street, or who are fans of the show, tell me, ‘Oh, you remind me of my father’ or ‘You’re my uncle so-and-so’,” Shalhoub said.

Perhaps his best-known Broadway role is as Tewfiq Zakaria in The Band’s Visit, the musical based on an Israeli film about an Egyptian police band that gets lost and ends up in a small Israeli desert town.

For nearly two years, Shalhoub went back and forth between working on the Broadway show and Mrs Maisel.

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