Action replay was needed

GARY Lineker is used to analysing and reassessing refereeing decisions. Match of the Day viewers will have seen him reviewing incidents several times before deciding if an official has got it right. And yet, this week he was quick to retweet video footage of Israeli soldiers apparently fairly roughly arresting 'innocent' Palestinian youngsters.

Those who have viewed the clip will have read that all they had been doing was throwing stones at Israeli soldiers. Unfortunately for Lineker, he had not seen what had led to the incident. And neither had others who viewed it on twitter. The video was only part of the story.

Palestinian children have long been trained to maim and kill by throwing rocks and stones at the Israeli military. According to sources, these 'innocents' had been hurling Molotov cocktails. Lineker would hardly pass judgement on a footballer lying prostrate and immediately suggest that a penalty be awarded without seeing the earlier passage of play that had led to that situation.

Israel is all-too-often the victim of false news and distorted images. TV stations also happily reuse old footage to illustrate alleged Israeli misdemeanours.

We suggest that Lineker, a prolific, mild-mannered striker during his playing days, sticks to what he knows best and refrains from commenting on politics about which he obviously knows little or nothing at all.

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