RAY Andrews, of Manchester, is appealing for information about her late husband, Myer Abrahams. Myer, who came from Leeds, joined the Manchester Regiment on April 18, 1940. He was a private in the Royal Artillery and was sent to Monmouthshire, South Wales and then went to Angiers in North Africa for four years. He later served in Naples and Milan for two years and served in the Catering Corps. He travelled abroad in the Devonia. Contact Ray on 0161-766 1184.

A BOAT trip from Lithuania to Eire is the origins of Dr Reuven Ben Dovís search. Reuven, formerly known as Rodney Wilkins, explains that his motherís parents emigrated from the village of Akmian in Lithuania in the 1880s and settled in Cork. He would like to hear from anyone who knew the Manchov-sky/Sandler family, anything about Akmian or the family in Cork. Write to POB 43003, Jerusalem 93878, telephone 2 6518 836 or email

PAULA Davis, of Birmingham, is looking for family in Eastern Europe. She would like information on Soloman Freedman, his father Samson and any other Freedman from Kalwaria, South West Lithuania. Paula would also like to hear from anyone who knows the name Horwitz and Soloman from Poland and Russia; and Turkeltaub, Turkeltobe and Dombrot, of Poland. Others on her search include Phillip Fyne and his wife Esther Opas, her grandfather Isadore Fyne, of London, and her grandmother Adelaide Freedman, who moved to Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1906. Write to 53, Petersfield Road, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 0AU, telephone 0121 624 7304 or email

AUSTRALIAN Peter Jeans wants to hear from any readers who knew the Able family in Penang in the early 1960s. He worked in Penang with Irene Able for some weeks in 1962. Write to PO Box 117 Bindoon Western Australia 6502, tel 618 9576-1468, or email him at

'I AM looking for relatives of Minnie, Fannie and Clara Kalmanson,'' writes Kathy Keane, of California. The three sisters emigrated to Selma, Alabama around 1900, but other siblings went to the UK. ''Minnie, my grandmother, was born about 1875 and married Harry Roisman in 1902 and had six children - Max, Maurice, Isadore, Bess, Rose (my mother) and Harper,'' she adds. Harper, now aged 86 is still a working actor. The family left Alabama for Hollywood in 1925 and began a vaudeville act called 'Roisman's Alabamians'. They played with the likes of Bob Hope and toured the country for 10 years. ''Clara, born about 1880 in Russia to Israel Bendersky had eight children. Information about Fannie is not known.'' Dr Jeremy Stone, director of the Federation of American Scientists in Washington DC, is a Roisman and has located five Roisman families in America. He discovered that they originated from five small towns within a circle of 50 miles on what is now the Russian side of the Russian-Rumanian border in the part of the Moldavian Ukraine called Bessarabia. Write to 1133 Seventh Place, Hermosa Beach, California USA 90254 or email

EDWIN Camilleri, of Malta, is trying to trace his great-grandfather's family in Manchester. Harry and Mary Marks, Edwin's great great grandparents, emigrated from Warsaw to England around 1949. Their son joined the Royal Navy in 1867 and whilst in Maalta on HMS Helicon in 1878, he married a Maltese woman. He left the Navy in 1892 and died in Malta in 1937. Write to 238 FS Carauna St, B'Kara, Malta GC.

SUNDERLAND-born Jackie Shulman wants information about relatives in Manchester. Jackie, who now lives in Israel, says her great grandparents, Samuel and Fanny Rubinstein, lived at Red Bank, Park Street and Brompton Street - all in Cheetham. They had five children, David, Jacob, Isaac, Rachel and Louis. David changed his name to Rawlinson when he moved to Sunderland. Contact 68 Hasharon, Ra'anana, Israel 43325 or telephone 00972 9771 8302.

ERNEST Fine, of Virginia, has information on 300 members of the Bakstansky family - of which his mother was a part. But he is struggling to link in Lavy Bakstansky, so he would like to hear from any descendants. Lavy, a prominent Zionist, died in 1971. He had a sister, Zaza, believed to be alive in London, as well as a niece and nephew. Lavy's parents were Sara Brill and Nochim Bakstansky. Write to 10200 Westford Dr, Vienna, VA, USA or email

SCOTLAND is at the centre of Canadian Shel Bercovich's search. Shel wants to find descendants in Glasgow and Edinburgh of the Lipkind family. ''Originally from either Borisov or Rechitsa areas of Minsk Gubernia in Belarus, a Lipkind (William?) emigrated to Scotland in the late 19th or early 20th century,'' Shel says. ''He was possibly a nephew of my great grandfather Mordechai Lipkind. ''Challie (Chaim), Zalman and Joseph were his sons. Mordechai married Bella Klibanov, a relative of whom was supposedly a singer in the court of the Czar.'' Contact 144 Parkside Pl SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2J 4K2 Canada or email

CAROL Stern (nee Kohn) is at her wits' ends. She is desperately trying to trace old friends Denise and Vivienne Fletcher. Their father was Cyril and brother was Paul, but she has had a fruitless time ringing all the P and C Fletcher's in the Manchester telephone directory. The family originated in Manchester, but went to live in Cape Town, South Africa, in the late 1970s before returning to England. Write to 201 Aycliffe Road, Borehamwood, Herts WD6 4AA, telephone 0208 953-4722 or email

POLISH and Ukrainian Roots are being searched by Jay Cohen, of Maryland. He wants information on the following families: Dolowicz and Braun from Rajgrod, Kac or Katz from Lomza and all three families in Grajewo, Loshak and Kushnirsky from Pliskov and Pogrebishche (two shtetls north east of Vinnitsia). Write to 5530 Wisconsin Avenue #1110, Chevy Chase, MD 20815, USA, telephone 301-652-1153, or email

NEW Yorker Martin Miller is looking for members of the Bloch, Berkman and Rothschild families, originally from Sudargas, Lithuania and nearby towns. He believes the families used the name Black in the UK, while related names are Abramson, Goodman, Bergle and Greenberg. Family members were known to live in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle. and Edinburgh. ''My grandfather (Kamelsky from Virbalis, Lithuania) also had an aunt, Rachel Goldstone, married to Joe. They lived in Leeds,'' Martin says. Contact 214 Oakmont Drive, Syracuse, NY 13214, America, telephone (315) 446-2633, email

LANCE Ackerfield wants information about his late grandfather's second wife, Fanny. Isaac Broder was born in Novvy Konstantinov, Ukraine, in 1889 and died in July 1956. He married in Stepney, London in 1915 to Rose Levene, who died in 1946. He married Fanny - who had children from a prefious marriage - in 1947. Write to Kibbutz Yiftah, DN. Merom Hagalil, Israel 13840

SUE Shifman's grandfather Simon Davinsky(Dvinsky) and his sister Anna were taken from Kovno, Lithuania, to an orphanage in England around 1870. Shimon was also a prize fighter. Write to 5955 Brookstone, West Bloomfield, Michigan,48322, USA or email

DOES anyone know of Lewis and Lizzie Levy, who married in 1879 at Old Hebrew Congregation Liverpool? Their children were Harris, Hyman, David, Celia, Rose,Bella and Sarah Levy. If so, write to Valerie Gold at 22 Morgan Gdns, Aldenham, Herts WD28BF or email

ISRAELI Ofer Cohen wants to hear from anyone who knows the village Delyatichi, near Lubcha, in Novogrudek, Belarus. His late father, Arie Cohen, and his late uncle, Dov, moved to Israel in 1935 from the village. Contact Gan Yoshiya 38850, Israel, telephone 972-6-6258056 or email

MAX Wolff, of Holland, is looking for descendants of Willem Wolff (William Woolf) and his wife Judith Herz. They were born in Nijmegen, Holland, in 1839 and 1837. On November 7, 1872, they emigrated to London with their children Elisabeth (born May 14, 1866), Regina Louisse (June 22, 1867), Henriette (December 30, 1868) and Elias (October 2, 1871). Contact Joris van der Haagenlaan 10 - 6814 LK Arnhem, Netherlands or email

Please ring again, cousin MY appeal in the summer regarding my 'lost' cousins, the Mantus family, had a result. Someone from England called my home and spoke to my young daughter. I was not home and she did not take a name, number or message. I was hoping that the gentleman would call again, but there has been no further communications. Please ring again on 914 725 3468 or email Jeff Levin, 16 Ridgedale Road, Scarsdale, New York 105583, USA.

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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