Did 'affair' lead to Danile's death?

TEXAN Danielle Weiner is looking for anyone who may have known her grandmother or her family.

Dina Vainerovich (nee Geler) was born around 1879 in or near Vilna, maybe in a shtetl called Rudamina.

She was the daughter of Kopel and Basa Riva Geler. She had the following siblings born between 1871 and 1896 -Movsha, Chaya Sora, Simon,Chana, Abram, Elke, Esther, Rubin and Yenta.

Dina married Danile Vainerovich in 1905 in Vilna.

Danielle's father, Kalman (Carl), was born in 1908 and another child, Isaak, was born in 1912, but died after three weeks.

Danielle believes Dina left Danile, maybe for another man, which precipitated Danile's suicide in 1919.

Kalman was taken to America at the age of 13 in 1922 by Danile's parents, Yankel and Sora Riva Vainerovich.

He was left with an uncle in Michigan and the grandparents returned to Vilna.

The Vainerovich family was fairly affluent and, Danielle believes, owned a seltzer water/soda/beer factory in Vilna.

She has found the descendants of one of Dina's sisters living in Tel Aviv, but they had no information about her grandmother.

The granddaughter of another of Dina's sisters was found to have lived in New Jersey after she emigrated to America.

Danielle has 'evidence' that some of Dina's siblings were killed in the Ponar forest outside Vilna and in the Vilna ghetto.

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Family mystery

Jonathan Judah, of Glasgow, wants information on his great-grandmother who was raised by a non-Jewish family.

Mary Kathleen Cohen was born on October 27, 1911, in Edinburgh.

Her mother was Ellen Cohen (nee O'Brien) and her father was Mark Cohen, a ship's baker from Leeds, who died two weeks before Mary was born.

Mark and Ellen married in Leeds in 1906 and lived at 5 Mitchells Court, Leeds.

Mark's father was Louis Cohen, a bootmaker, and his mother was Annie (nee Korelach).

Mary married Samuel Bowers on May 13, 1932 in Glasgow.

She was raised by Sally and Thomas Cowan and, on her marriage certificate, listed her parents as "Amelia Cohen or Torff, wife of Samuel Torff".

In the 1980s, Mary received a phone call from a lady in Canada who claimed to be her sister. The lady believed she was Jewish and had been adopted.

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Lodz Family

DR Stephane Grauzam, of Strasbourg, is looking for any descendants of the Grauzam family, from Lodz.

A branch of this family moved to the UK in the 19th century. One of them lived at 41 Adelphi Street, Glasgow.

Email or phone at 00336 23760860.

only relatives

AUTHOR Stephen Esrati, of Ohio, is looking for his only paternal relatives.

Stephen's paternal grandfather Alwin Hirsch died on vacation in Italy in 1929 when Stephen was two.

He was buried in the Weissensee Cemetery, Berlin.

His gynaecologist brother moved to Birmingham in 1939 and died nine years later.

Stephen is hoping to find any of Max's children.


Arrival date

STEPHANIE Miller, of North Carolina, wants to know when her maternal great-great-grandfather Simon Feldman arrived in the UK.

He married Mary Ann Good in Hull in 1859 and their first child, Eliza, was born there in 1860.

The 1861 census lists his birthplace as Poland, while his marriage certificate gives his father's name as Samuel. He arrived in the UK with several brothers.

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