WHEN Harold Shavin was based at Sealand airforce base in 1953, he and wife Josephine became friendly with Marion Danziger in Liverpool. Marion had a widowed mother, Esther. ‘‘We went to High Holiday services at Princes Road Synagogue,’’ says Josephine, ‘‘and on Yom Kippur we went to a very modern shool although no name comes to mind. ‘‘I think Marion married a man from Manchester.’’ Write to 710 Brookfield Ave, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37412, USA or email

‘‘I’M looking for information on Gustav Ulmann (Oulmann),’’ says American Claude Oulman. He was born in 1845 and was brother of Claude’s great grandfather, Theodor Oulmann. Gustav, he believes, lived and died, in Liverpool. He adds: ‘‘Their father, Samuel Ulmann, owned a small castle in Herdern Switzerland which, for political reasons, was lost to the family around 1865. ‘‘The family disbursed, moving to England, France, Germany and Italy. Gustav was married to Pauline, nee Maas (born 1851).’’ Claude is also looking for a database of cemeteries, Jewish and non-Jewish, in Liverpool. Write to 700 W Broadway, Butte, MT 59701, USA or email

GLASWEGIAN Louise Solomon now lives in Leeds, but she spent 21 years in Melbourne, Australia. Louise, nee Donne, is looking for Sara Lewis, whose parents were Lewis Schaklovitz and Esther (nee Tuller). ‘‘Sara was one of 15 children and lived in Brick Lane, London where my grandfather was a boot-maker,’’ Louise says. She would like to hear from anybody named Lewis, Bloomstein, Craft, Kossoff (not the bakers) or Schaklovitz. Telephone 0113 2262889.

TONY CROOK, of Gloucester, is trying to trace descendants of a relative from Leeds who emigrated from Latvia in 1896. Frank Crook was married to Dollie and lived at 39 Montague Place, Leeds 8. Frank, who died in September 1965, was a cutter and tailor with Montague Burton for many years, and moved to Leeds from Sunderland where he worked as a tailor for Benjamin Lipton, Sir Marcus Lipton’s father. Contact Mullions, Queens Mead, Painswick, Glos GL6 6XA or phone/fax 01452 814450.

STEVE SELWYN is looking for his old football teammates. He emigrated from Manchester to Perth, Australia 18 years ago. ‘‘I am still involved heavily with soccer at Maccabi in Perth, but would like to hear from anyone who remembers me and has any copies of old pictures or reports with regards to when I was playing for Maccabi or other teams,’’ he writes. Contact 33 Horslay Way, Noranda, Perth, 6062, Western Australia.

DOES anyone know Nat and Dulcie Cohen, last known to be living in Brighton? If so Arnold Goldberg, of Ontario, would like to hear from you. The couple had two daughters, one of whom was named Shirley. If you can help, contact 1/408 Craigleith dr-Waterloo Ontario Canada N2L5T2, email or fax (519) 271 6980.

VIOLET LAUER, of Calgary, want to find her relatives, the Mansells. The Mansell family is originally from London. Write to 713-69 Glamis Dr, SW Calgary, Canada T3E 6T4 or email

AUSTRALIAN Peter Jeans is looking for engineer Ellis ‘Sunnoo’ David, whom he met in Colombo in 1962 and again in 1963 at his home in Calcutta, ‘‘where his family were good to me’’. Peter thinks the family emigrated to the UK, where Mr David, was employed at Warwick House School, Lymington Road, London NW6. Write to PO Box 117, Bindoon, Western Australia 6502, telephone (618) 9576-1468, or email

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