VICTOR STONE, of London, is editing memoirs written in 1960 by an elderly cousin.

But he needs to check some events, dates and people.

In particular, he wants information on a rabbi called Pinkus Shapiro. His cousin claims that Shapiro was a rabbi in Liverpool and lost his wife. He was left to look after his six-year-old daughter and a young son studying at seminary in Manchester.

He was dismissed from his synagogue in Liverpool as he was unable to conduct his duties.

He then moved to Sheffield, where he was also a rabbi.

Write to PO Box 14469, South Kensington, London SW7 2ZJ, telephone 020 7589 3579, fax 020 7581 0381 or email

JEFF Goulden, of Washington, wants information on Philip and Anne Freedman, of Leeds. The Freedmans lived in Leeds until they died in the 1960s.

‘‘My mother is Betsy (Freedman) Goulden, Goldie (Freedman) Brooks’ younger sister,’’ Jeff writes. ‘‘My grandparents are Philip and Anne Freedman, of Leeds.’’

He also wants information on Joseph Freedman, Goldie Brooks, Eddie Brooks, Harry Freedman, Nat Freedman, Lily Freedman, Susan Freedman, Judith Freedman, Barry Brooks and Kenneth Brooks.

Jeff adds: ‘‘The information I am looking for are place of birth, date of birth, place of marriage, date of marriage, spouse(s) full names, children’s names, dates, place of death, date of death.’’

Contact 4710 129th Avenue East, Edgewood, WA 98372, USA or email

MENACHEM VINEGRAD, who organises the annual Jacob’s Ladder Folk Festival in Israel, is trying to trace his father, who disappeared in Australia in 1952.

Victor Vinegrad lived in Hull before moving to Maryborough, Queensland, Australia.

‘‘He was possibly sighted at a dog racing track in London in 1963 though this is not confirmed,’’ Menachem says. ‘‘He would now be in his late 70s, possibly still gambling or following racing.’’

Write to Mishol Nimron 2, Katzrin 12900, Israel, telephone/fax 972-6-6962231 or email

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