MJSL launches five-a-side league which could secure the league's future

THE secret to securing the future of Jewish football could be in the Manchester Jewish Soccer League’s new 14-week-long five-a-side tournament.

The new initiative, which will begin in May, will take place on Thursday nights at PlayFootball Bury, Bury College.

Games, lasting 40 minutes, will be played on all-weather surfaces and will have FA qualified referees.

MJSL player representative Mark Mann told Sportsworld: “This is for our whole adult footballing community and it is hoped that players outside the MJSL will be attracted to this type of small-sided game.

“We also hope that those playing regular five-a-side elsewhere will join the league, whether aged 16 or 60.”

Registration fees will be waived for the initial season at least. But there will be individual payments required to the venue on the night, with the price depending on numbers participating.

Mann continued: “Our intention is to roll out a second tournament from September 18 and a third from February 19.

“Thanks to the venue, the league will be affiliated to Lancashire FA and come with formal FA accreditation, with all results and league tables available through the MJSL website.

“We are hoping that this type of competition will secure the MJSL’s future, engaging with all players from our community.

“We know there will be a crossover with our traditional 11-a-side teams, but this is a totally separate entity.

“In this 70th anniversary year, what better way to celebrate, than increasing overall awareness of the MJSL and, most importantly, getting increasing participation for future generation.”

To enter a team or for more information, phone Mark Mann on 07724 722247 or

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