‘No two-state solution’ in Trump’s Israel peace plan

THE long-awaited American plan for peace in the Middle East will not call for a two-state solution to the conflict with the Palestinians, it was reported this week.

The Trump administration is adding the finishing touches to the plan and intends to make it public soon, said the New York Times.

And, according to the report, it does not specifically call for a two-state solution.

Nor will it call for a “fair and just solution” for Palestinian refugees, though the plan will offer suggestions on both points.

The White House must now figure out how to present the plan so that it is not immediately rejected by the Palestinians, the newspaper reported.

It quoted unnamed senior aides to President Donald Trump as saying the plan does not have a set of guiding principles.

Instead, it gives the outlines of a peace plan and leaves the Israelis and the Palestinians to fill in the details.

The aides told the New York Times that the document proposes solutions to all the key disputes: borders, security, refugees and the status of Jerusalem.

The report points out that no one outside the Trump administration has seen the document, and that the people who wrote it — Jared Kushner, Jason Greenblatt and David Friedman — had no previous experience in diplomacy. But the three men reportedly met last week with Netanyahu for several hours while he was in Washington to address the annual AIPAC policy conference and meet Trump.

The Palestinians have said they will not consider an American-proposed peace plan due to their anger over Trump’s announcement recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and his intent to move the American embassy there from Tel Aviv in May.

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