Arabs in coalition may help peace bid

HERE we go again. The same sickening round of casualties and cowering in bomb shelters while most of the world blames Israel for the rockets raining down from Gaza.

Few seem to remember that in 2005 Israel unilaterally disengaged from Gaza, leaving behind a thriving greenhouse economy, to be taken over by Hamas terrorists who were more interested in destroying Israel than attending to the welfare of their own people.

Once again the Israeli arguments for self-defence ring loud and clear to be rejected by much of the world while Israel in turn rejects world criticism, leaving Diaspora Jews to fight the PR battles in their home countries.

But things have changed since the last Gaza War in 2014.

The world has become much more divisive during the last seven years.

In the UK we had the Scottish Referendum, which tried to cut Scotland off from the UK and is once again raising its hoary head. We had the big Brexit debate, which bitterly divided the country, causing the loss of two prime ministers and causing family rifts.

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